Backgrounds and Borders

You will be given a range of design options to choose from, based on information, published materials (e.g. prospectus, school logo, uniform etc) and ideas submitted by you. As you begin to collate ideas for what you want you want to see in your design, you will need to give some thought as to the background of your website. You may decide to opt purely for “solid” colour, a texture, a graphic or a combination. This page will give you some ideas to begin with.

Solid Colours

These need no further explanation – the pale green background to this page and the dark green border are examples of the use of solid colour.


A textured background or border can be created to add visual interest to your site. An example is the background to this page. Other examples are given below. Any colour or combination of colours can be used and can be as dark or as pale as you wish. All the backgrounds below are designed by myself and are copyright – you may not help yourself and use them on your own website!