Choosing The Right Online Booking System

By | June 12, 2017

Relying on an online booking system will help you save time and money if your job includes duties such as managing classrooms, conference rooms, venues or similar tasks. You can also use one of these systems to manage equipment booking and similar tasks. It is important to choose an online booking system that is adapted to your needs to get the most out of this tool.

What Kind Of Booking Information Do You Need To Record?

What kind of details do you typically record when you create a booking for a room, a piece of equipment or another resource? Most bookings would include the name of the person or organization that requested the room or equipment and the date and duration of the booking. You might also need to use an additional field to enter any details regarding the booking or might need to enter billing information if you are renting space or equipment as a service. Make a list of the different data fields you will need to use so you can find an online booking system adapted to the way you work.

Who Can Access The Booking System?

Some booking systems are designed for internal uses and access can be restricted to a few employees. You can also find online booking systems that will be available over the Internet so that clients can send a request for a booking. Ask yourself who needs to have access to the booking system. If you want to allow clients to send booking requests online, make sure the booking system you choose is easy to use, works on a variety of devices and web browsers and will provide a good experience to your clients. If clients have to share personal information or payment information to book a room or equipment, choose a system that will record and store this information in a safe manner. If you would like to use an internal online booking system so that people can request conference rooms or equipment within your organization, look for a system that will be easy to manage and that allows to control who is authorized to book rooms or equipment.

Who Will Manage The Booking System?

Will you manage bookings by yourself or do you need to find a booking system that supports multiple users? You can find online booking systems that allow you to create multiple users with different permissions. You could for instance be the only one who is authorized to remove bookings or to change time while anyone in your department could access and review booking details without being able to change anything. Having several users who can record new bookings into the system is a good way to save time. Look for an online booking system that is adapted to the way tasks and responsibilities are shared in your organization.

Do You Need Integration With Other Platforms?

If your organization relies on other tools to manage other processes, it might be beneficial to choose a booking system that can be integrated with these other tools. This will make your job a lot easier. You could for instance find a booking system that is compatible with the email platform your company uses so that people can automatically receive emails to confirm that they have booked a conference room or a classroom or to remind them that they have to return the equipment they borrowed. If you offer room or equipment rentals as a service, look for a booking system that can be integrated with the tool you use for billing. Client accounts will be automatically updated with the new due balance once a booking has been entered into your system.

Do You Need Any Other Additional Features?

Ask yourself what kind of features would make your job easier. You might for instance want a booking system with a built-in calendar so you can easily review all your bookings for the day or for the week. You might want some advanced search features so you can look up clients or employees or easily review booking history for a room or for a piece of equipment. Some booking systems have additional features that allow you to record feedback from clients or to signal issues with the devices and equipment that you rent.

Test Different Online Booking Systems

The best way to find the ideal online booking system for your needs is to compare different products. Take a look at the list of features to compare different booking systems and eliminate the ones that aren’t compatible with your needs. You should also watch a few videos to get an idea of how intuitive the interface of a system is or to make sure a specific online booking system can perform the tasks you need to complete. Look for booking systems that offer free demos so you can test a few different tools for yourself before choosing one.

The right online booking system will help you save a lot of time by allowing clients or employees to easily send requests to book rooms or equipment. You will then be able to approve or deny these requests and to manage your bookings from a simple interface. It is important to choose a tool that is adapted to the way you work and to the way you need to manage your bookings. Make a list of the features you need and start comparing booking systems!

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