Adding Content to your Website

Including children’s work

First of all, you need to know what type of work can be used. From experience, I have found that work from a child’s exercise book does not copy well. Ideally, work could be taken from your usual classroom displays to avoid creating extra work for your staff. You have a number of choices here:

  1. Send original work (no larger than A4) with a stamped addressed envelope for its return, to me and I will scan it for you at a charge of £3 per item.
  2. Scan the work yourself and send it to me via floppy disk or CD ROM, again with an SAE for its return. If sending photographs, please do not insert them into text documents – this degrades the quality enormously. Photographs need to be sent in their original jpg/jpeg format, straight from the scanner or digital camera. Please do not scan written work and send it as an image – text needs to be word processed. Please send text in Microsoft Word format, or as rich text (.rtf) if you cannot send in Word.
  3. Larger items of work, or models, etc can be photographed. Photographs can be posted to me for scanning at a charge of £3 per item, or you can send them to me as digital images, again with an SAE for return.

Visit the class pages at Cwmbach Junior School to see the sort of work which can be included.

Using photographs of children on your school website

The government has given advice on safety for pupils when designing a school web site. There are two main rules that the DfES advises schools should follow:

  • If the pupil is named, avoid using their photograph. If the photograph is used, avoid naming the pupil.
  • Ask for parental permission to use an image of a pupil.

Suggestions for content

A school website which is little more than an online version of the school prospectus will only have a very narrow appeal – usually prospective parents only. To make your website interesting and a popular place to visit for your existing pupils and their parents, you need to add content in addition to that which is contained in your prospectus which will appeal to them. Below is a list of suggestions:

  • Children’s work (writing, artwork, photographs, PowerPoint presentations, graphs, charts, work done from the ICT SoW for ICT such as wrapping paper, pointillist pictures, fish tanks, Islamic carpets, stained glass windows, logo, etc etc)
  • Competitions
  • Colouring books / jigsaws (see my Teaching and Learning Resources website)
  • Merit or Golden Book
  • Links to carefully chosen websites
  • interactive educational resources which tie in with your topics, e.g. a quiz (Millionaire, Battlestar, Save the Earth etc) about the Tudors, a crossword about habitats, a wordsearch about materials, a hangman game using a wordlist from your literacy work, matching/pellmanism type games, PowerPoint presentations. Any of the games you see on my Teaching and Learning Resources website can be adapted to suit your topic. Also check out the resources in the Learning section. If you wish to include any of these resources, I will need some input from you .
  • Sports results (preferably written up by the children themselves)
  • Newsletters
  • A calendar of events/term dates
  • A contact page
  • A staff page, perhaps with photographs, roles, responsibilities, interviews…
  • School vacancies
  • Items for sale (new or quality second hand uniform, home learning resources, stationary, calendars, fundraising items etc)
  • Movie clips of moving DT models etc. Movies can be inserted in two ways – directly embedded into the page itself or added as a link. Links are better for including several movies on one page to reduce download time, embedding the movies is convenient for just one or two movies per page.

Again, I must emphasise when gathering content for inclusion on your website, it is your responsibility to ensure that all material you send to me has been checked for copyright and parental consent if appropriate. If you intend using material from other sources (i.e. text, images, video, music etc which you have not created yourselves) you should ensure that you have the express permission of the copyright owner before sending it to me. I will need to add this copyright information to your website.