Using Web Design for Schools as your web developer

Once you have decided to use my service you will need to download, read and sign my terms and conditions (in the Legal Notices section) and return your signed agreement to me either by post or e-mail attachment.

You will also need to ask for written parental consent to use photographs of children on your website. Some schools also like to ask for parental consent to include children’s work. An exemplar consent form is available from the DfES website

When gathering content for inclusion on your website, it is your responsibility to ensure that all material you send to me has been checked for copyright. If you intend using material from other sources (i.e. text, images, video, music etc which you have not created yourselves) you should ensure that you have the express permission of the copyright owner before sending it to me. I will need to add this copyright information to your website.

Putting your school website together

Once you have decided to use my service, we will need to work closely together to ensure that you get the website you really want. This can be done through email, writing or by telephone if your school is outside Rhondda Cynon Taff. You will need to give some thought as to your intended audience (is the site just for pupils, parents and staff, or a wider audience?).

You will need to decide on a colour scheme – perhaps a site based on your school uniform colours? What information do you feel is necessary – you can use your school prospectus as a starting point for this. Just select the information you need and send it to me on a floppy disk or by email attachment. If including photographs, please do not insert them into text documents – this degrades the quality enormously. Photographs need to be sent in their original jpg/jpeg format, straight from the scanner or digital camera.

If you have a uniform, you could ask the children to draw it and use their drawings to illustrate a uniform price list. No doubt you will want photographs of your school to put on to the site. If you intend to use photographs with children in them, you must seek written permission from their parents to do so before including them on your site. Check with your LEA as to whether they have a policy on the inclusion of photographs of children and adults on websites. The Cwmbach Junior School website should give you lots of ideas for possible website content.

I would also suggest giving some thought to the navigation of your website. Text navigation is automatically included in your site construction, but if you want something a little different, you will need to take a look at some of the other sites I have created or browse the internet. There are many javascript and css navigation scripts available on the internet for use. Generally these are free but sometimes a particular script carries a licence fee. I will gladly add a navigation script to your site providing it is legal to do so, however there will be a charge of £25 to customise the script for you (i.e. remove the example links and text and replace them with your own) and the cost of the license if necessay.

Once I accept your commission and have the information I need, I will make several designs for you to see and upload them to a special section of my Clients’ Area. You will have a user name and password to access these designs. This process can take up to a week (or longer if necessary) whilst we work together to identify elements of each design which you like or dislike and refine a design until you are happy with the result. Once we have an agreement on a design, I then work through the html code to make it standards compliant and ensure that it complies with WAI Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) which are accepted as the definitive set of international guidelines used for building accessible websites. I then convert this page into a template and begin to create the pages you have requested.

The DfES has issued guidance for safety issues for school websites and I recommend you read it very carefully.