Terms and Conditions

Web Design for Schools will design and complete a website for the price stated on this website at the date of the commission. The website will be hosted at Web Design for Schools during its construction and will be transferred to the purchasing school’s own webspace at the school’s request and on receipt of the appropriate payment.

The content of the website will be provided by the purchasing school. It is the school’s responsibility to check the accuracy of the content provided and that all relevant permissions have been sought and granted for its inclusion on the site. Web Design for Schools accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any factual inaccuracies or errors of any description in published content which has been provided by the school. Content is defined as text, images, video and sound clips. Ownership and responsibility for the content remains at all times with the purchasing school.

If you ask me to use third party graphics, photographs, clipart, sound or video files etc, you must provide written evidence of permission for their use and any terms which may apply. If written proof is not necessary or available, you must provide a link to the website from which you obtained the material so that I can check for any copyright issues.

The purchasing school is defined as the school commissioning either a website package, a maintenance package or opting for Pay-as-you Go Maintenance.

Please note that a page is defined as no more than 2 sheets of A4 paper with a font size of 12. Up to 4 graphics can be included on each page. Extra graphics will be charged at £3 each.

Payment for Website Packages becomes due when the purchasing school is happy with the completed pages and requests the said pages to be uploaded to the school’s own webspace. The school will be charged at the Website Package rate applicable to the completed number of pages uploaded.
You only pay for the pages you have seen, approved, and requested to be transferred to your own site.

Payment for Maintenance Packages is payable in advance. Minimum contract length = one year. Terminating the contract early is permissable, but pages will revert to the standard cost applicable to the website package you purchased.

Please indicate your web hosting preference below:

Please indicate your web site or maintenance package preference below:

(minimum contract length = one year)

(minimum contract length = one year)

I have read the above terms and conditions and agree to abide by them.

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